Dr. Kevorkian, the assisted-suicide advocate - and by “advocate” I mean he built a death machine in a van and drove around helping people kill themselves - is now the subject of an HBO movie. He gave a press conference yesterday. Not saying he has a one-track mind, but:

"You'll hear people say, 'Well, it's in the news again, it's time for discussing this further.' No it isn't. It's been discussed to death," he said.

Rimshot! The movie, titled “You Don’t Know Jack,” inexplicably declined to cast boney-bodied James Cromwell as the doc, and chose . . . Al Pacino. Thereby turning the movie into an Al Pacino film. It airs tomorrow. Our TV critic Neil Justin reviews it here.


(If director Barry Levinson has a mordant sense of humor, “My Sharona” will be on the soundtrack somewhere. Kevorkian’s lawyer was the brother of The Knack’s singer/guitarist. He died earlier this year. Unassisted.)

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