A northwestern Minnesota dog breeder who continued to sell dogs after her license was terminated for two years had her license permanently revoked in September, according to a consent order made public last month by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The department initially terminated the license of Kathy Jo Bauck, a New York Mills resident, in 2009 based on a criminal conviction for practicing veterinary medicine without a license and a conviction of overworking or mistreating animals by torture.
Bauck appealed, arguing that the jury verdict was based on fraud and misrepresentation by a member of the advocacy group Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS), who secretly recorded conditions at Bauck’s business.
The termination, similar to a suspension, was made final in August 2010, but the USDA found that Bauck continued to conduct business.
A CAPS spokesperson said that footage from months of secret taping was introduced as evidence in the jury trial that led to the torture conviction. The spokesperson also said that it was provided to the USDA.
It was produced by CAPS and includes what they say is footage from the taping a CAPS member made while employed by Bauck.
The revocation also bans her husband, Allan R. Bauck, and their most recent business, Pine Lake Enterprises Inc., from acting as an animal dealer. The Baucks were fined $100,000, but $95,000 was stayed as long as they comply with the order.
The Baucks are allowed to own no more than six dogs at a time, with no more than three being unspayed females.

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