Many a press releases passes over the desk of the travel editor. A few leave me scratching my head. Take this, for instance: A company called "crashplan" is touting its services for overseas travelers.  Perhaps a name change is in order?  When I take to the air on a transcontinental flight, I'd like the idea of crashing -- with or without a plan-- to be far from my mind.

To be fair (and to make up for my gripe by giving the company internet time), Crashplan provides data back-up services and it clearly has many applications. The marketing peeps decided to remind travelers that they can back-up travel plans, passport numbers and other vital travel documents using the company's service. Not a bad idea, though you can share that info with a family member back home for free. But just in case you'd like the service, which you can access 24/7 from any computer or smart device, get yourself a crashplan -- and fly safely.