I love how Brett says everything he says is a big deal so he's not going to say anything right now...in a newspaper interview he knows will be read on SportsCenter! What a beauty.

I don't like the pick of Wes Johnson. He's a nice player. The Wolves need a great player. DeMarcus Cousins is a bigger risk. He also could be the best player in the draft.

Last year, the Wolves took Jonny Flynn over Steph Curry; this year they took Johnson over Cousins.

Think of a starting lineup with Ricky Rubio, Curry, Al Jefferson or Kevin Love and Cousins in it. T'hat could be fun.

-Also, I keep hearing that the Wolves are going to trade Jefferson. Isn't this the worst time ever to trade Jefferson? He is coming off a mediocre season and a bum knee after winning 15 games.

Whatever his flaws (D-fense!) the guy can score and rebound. If you're going to trade him, trade him after he goes double-double for an entire season. Or trade Love. But don't trade Jefferson now.

-I know this is going to sound like a cheap shot, but I'm just passing on what I'm hearing: All my buddies who cover the NBA say their best sources tell them it appears David Kahn does not know what he's doing.

-So the Twins get swept by the Brewers and their lead is about nil over Detroit and Chicago.

Maybe they should pursue that Cliff Lee deal sooner rather than later. I know the Mariners will want to play it out, but if you're going to give up a top prospect, you should get the guy for more than two months.

The problem is, Nick Blackburn may be ruining his trade value.

It might seem strange, but the Twins really do play a lot better when J.J. Hardy is in the lineup.

-Funny bunch of people, these New Yorkers. They keep chanting Jeff Van Gundy's name like he's LeBron James or something.

But the way, the big phrase in New York these days appears to be ``C'Mon LeBron.'' New York thinks it can recruit him. I can't see him playing for the stinkin' Knicks.

If I'm James, I go to Miami and play with Wade and for Pat Riley and soak up the sun.

-By the way, Kentucky lands five first-round picks, and John Calipari can't win a title with these guys? Fire him. Now.

-I think the New Yorkers are getting drunk now. One just yelled ``I love you Hassan!'' at Hassan Whiteside.

-Yes, Brendan Harris was stinking it up. But it's a shame the Twins couldn't have gotten him going enough to be able to trade him.

Recent Twins' infielders given two-year contracts: Mike Lamb, Brendan Harris, Nick Punto. Be afraid, Nick. Be very afraid.




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