Timberrrr! Except it’s steel. At least you hope it’s steel.



I don’t know where the video came from, or why it’s so wavy, but you get all you need in the first 30 seconds. Looks like the crane took out the balconies; a comment on the YouTube page says it was Sunday, and no one was up.

Got this from BuzzFeed, which had to extract the highlights for two GIFs, because no one has the attention span to sit through 30 seconds to watch a crane fall. And then you have to reload or scrub back to watch it again. GIF THAT SUCKA and put in a loop. After a a few more years of ruined attention spans, Vines are going to seem like Tolstoi-length works of art.

GRUDGE TIME Hey, pal, why don’t you go in the boss’ office and get some more pictures of him passed out after lunch at his desk? The newspaper called and they want more. I guess one isn’t enough. We need him in different shirts. Thanks, I won’t forget this when I’m the boss, and it’s my turn to suckle deep and long at the inexhaustible teat.

Quote from an underling:

“He always likes to say he’s a big supporter of Mayor Bloomberg and the fact that the mayor called him to thank him for his support when he was elected.

“I would love to see the mayor’s face if he saw the big sodas that he likes to drink. It’s kind of ironic.”

Click here for the picture one would hate to see in in the paper if one had a habit of dozing off at work. It was probably a very tense day at work today. If the guy showed up. 


ART Here’s a site that combines the lost art of album covers with the old art of animated GIFs into something clever.




The Terry Gilliam influence is strong in this one. The author make a point at the top of the tumblr:

Ask. I *ONCE* happily welcomed suggestions and questions. I don't do ANY REQUESTS; i decide what i'll animate, so -PLEASE- don't write me long lists of albums, i'll completely ignore them. 

You get the sense that people thought he had some magic app that would just, like, make the picture move, and since they couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet cld he plz? TIA.



SCIENCE! This headline was intriguing, and not a total abuse of the second person: “Why Your Body Jerks Before you Fall Asleep.” Have there been new findings? Everyone loves some new findings. Let’s read:

As we give up our bodies to sleep, sudden twitches escape our brains, causing our arms and legs to jerk. Some people are startled by them, others are embarrassed. Me, I am fascinated by these twitches, known as hypnic jerks. Nobody knows for sure what causes them, but to me they represent the side effects of a hidden battle for control in the brain that happens each night on the cusp between wakefulness and dreams.

Nobody knows for sure what causes them.

So they don’t know why your body jerks before you fall asleep. The article is still worth a read, if only to enjoy the thought of two warring factions in your brain, struggling for control as you lose consciousness. 


YOU THERE Today’s irritating YOU-based headline comes from the HuffPost, which gives us this blurt of idiocy: 19 Celebrity Vacation Homes That Will Put Your Memorial Day Weekend Getaway To Shame

First of all, no one doubts that a “Celebrity Vacation Home” would be better than the place where the average person spends Memorial Day Weekend. Even if you are going to a Memorial Day Weekend Getaway, who the hell wants it put to shame?

Then again, here’s Buzzfeed, suggesting that the problem may be on their end, not yours: We’ve All Been Playing Monopoly Wrong our Entire Lives. Better. Much better. It doesn’t accuse; it assumes an equal amount of responsibility, and proposes an intriguing possibility. Does the article contain “You’re doing it wrong” or some variant? It does. But it also makes an interesting case for the correct way to play Monopoly. If you ever feel like doing such a thing. We have a set, but the power’s never been off that long.


GOODBYE Ten Brands that will disappear in 2014. Including Penney’s? No. Here’s what they said last year:

We also made a few bad calls. Sears and Sony Pictures are still operating in essentially the same form they were a year ago. Kellogg’s Corn Pops and Soap Opera Digest are doing just fine.

Sears? They expected Sears to vanish in 2013? Well, there’s still a few months left; perhaps they can blow through $25 billion in assets by Christmas. 


NO. NOT REALLY Another one of those mysterious sites that does not seem to have any particular reason to exist says:

Love it or hate it. Baz Luhrmann’s depiction of the Roaring 20′s is something to talk about since Art Deco flourished during that time period. While we live in the era of less is more, we here at YTD will take a step back in time to explore and see the intricacies and exuberance of Art Deco.

The article has “25 Art Deco Designs.” Take a look.


Art Deco, eh.




It's been a while since I've seen "Princess Bride." I don't remember his voice being that high.