The Vikings placed Sam Bradford on injured reserve and activated Teddy Bridgewater on Wednesday. Thoughts on today's developments:

1. Bradford has made a grotesque amount of money in the NFL while failing to ever become a big winner. If you want to focus on his salary, you could bash him for this.

But what I saw from Bradford as a Viking was a talented, accurate pro whose knee interrupted his career when he was about to play the best football of his life. I saw a competitor who was primed to lead the Vikings to a division title and make them a dangerous playoff team. His knee didn't hold up. I don't know how you blame him.

2. Mike Zimmer was remarkably open and thoughtful in his news conference. He'll start Case Keenum on Sunday and did nothing to dissuade the notion that he'd like Bridgewater to eventually play. He called it a week-to-week thing. Usually in the NFL that's a cop-out. In this case I believe it is quite literally true.