Photos by Lee Svitak Dean

I am interested in images of creatures dining, whatever may be on their "plate." In this case, it's a Queen butterfly (a milkweed variety that includes Monarchs, according to the docent at the Desert Museum of Tucson, Arizona, where this was photographed). Pictured here, it is enjoying a taste of ageratum.

I also watched hummingbirds sip nectar from the colorful blossoms at the same outdoor museum. When they were eating, their wings beat too furiously for me to capture their images with the camera lens I have. But when they rested, I was snapping their pictures faster than a J.C. Penney studio photographer. Keep in mind that the bird is about the size of my thumb.

For more on the Desert Museum, check out my Travel story from this past spring.


(Photos by Lee Svitak Dean)

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