Roseville reader Mary Reyes pulled into a Little Canada gas station recently to refill her 2003 Honda Pilot's 18-gallon tank. It was one-eighth to one-quarter full, and the gas warning light hadn't activated.

"When my tank is at this level, I consistently put in 16 to 16 1/2 gallons to fill it up," Reyes said. This time she watched as the pump's display "passed the 16-gallon mark, then the 17-gallon mark, then the 18-gallon mark, finally stopping at 19.063 gallons," she said.

When she mentioned the anomaly to the cashier, he said, "All gas stations do this."

Reyes says she felt ripped off. "I just paid an extra $9.48 for gas I didn't receive."

If you suspect a gas pump is out of calibration, report it to the Department of Commerce at