Here’s an idea for a great movie - Orson Welles goes back in time to talk to H. G. Wells about “War of the Worlds”! Except A) he wouldn’t need to go back in time, and B) they did talk, and C) here it is. Orson should sound familiar. Nothing prepares you for how H. G. sounds.


MOVIES Provocative headline of the day: Did the U.S. Air Force Ask Walt Disney to Make a Movie Revealing That UFOs Are Real?

. . . around 1955 or 1956 Walt Disney was contacted by the USAF (United States Air Force) and asked to produce a documentary about UFOs that included USAF-shot footage proving the existence of real UFOs. At the time the USAF had promised to give Kimball and Disney this footage to include in the documentary, and the idea was that this sort of news would be received better if it was coming from the family-friendly Disney, who was no stranger to working with the military having produced propaganda videos during World War II.


So Disney went ahead and began creating the documentary, tasking his animators with coming up with a concept for what an alien would look like, but when it came time to insert the real footage the Air Force rescinded its initial offer, all but squashing the documentary. Apparently it just didn't think the world was ready, despite Kimball being told that there was "plenty of UFO footage" by Air Force officials.

If that’s not odd enough, Jonathan Winters gets into the mix.


WEB Wouldn’t it be great if your Facebook emoticons were hand-drawn by a Pixar artist?


Nah, you say, that’s too loose and clever for the rigid look of Facebook. Well, it’s happening.

FOOD No horsemeat news today. It’s worse.

John Alleman, a 52-year-old unofficial spokesman for Las Vegas's death-happy Heart Attack Grill, has died after suffering — yup — a heart attack. Alleman reportedly ate at the restaurant nearly every day, despite owner "Doctor Jon" Basso's warnings that Triple Bypass Burgers really weren't everyday food.

I wouldn’t call it “death happy,” but this isn’t the first time.

In March 2011, the 575-pound official spokesman for the restaurant's original Arizona location died at the age of 29, just four months after taking the job. In February 2012, a man in his forties went into cardiac arrest while trying to finish a Triple Bypass Burger, and was wheeled out to an ambulance.

How many calories does the burger have? Guess. Then click.

That's it for today; busy with stuff. The sort of stuff that makse you busy. See you around.