Appears so.  Daily Dot says:

As abruptly as he filed it, Prince has rescinded his lawsuit against 22 fans who made his bootlegs easily available online. Why? Perhaps he had a sympathetic turn.T he suit certainly seemed a bit harsh: $1 million in damages against each defendant for sharing bootlegged concert recordings. The suit didn't claim the defendants were making money from the files, and not many live Prince shows are available for purchase legally.

What's more, the conventional legal means of taking down copyrighted content, sending a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice to the website hosting it, seemed to have already worked. The sites named in Prince's suit no longer had those files when the Daily Dot tried to access them. 

The docs are here. The suit was dismissed with prejudice, so it can be revived.

FIGHTING WORDS Pizza is Meh, say New Yorkers. If I had to subsist on their version of the stuf, I might agree.

That the Internet’s constant bickering about pizza is so outsize compared to the food’s relative innocuousness made our editorial decision an easy one. So before you get angry, as many already have, just remember: You liked pizza when you were 5, because pizza — like anything a 5-year-old likes (baseball cards, shoe-tying, garbage trucks) — is inherently meh. It’s basically bread with cheese and sauce on it, and maybe some other stuff.

Naked shrieking click bait does not deserve, and shall not get, a link. It’s at the NYT site if you wish.

NIGHTMARE FUEL It’s one thing to say the world needs an “Incredible Mr. Limpet” remake. It’s another to say the project was once attached to Jim Carrey. It is unforgivable to release the concept art.

Warning: Carrey’s fish-face cannot be unseen.

THANK YOU Finally, a call to stop calling things “iconic,” particularly if they were just made a few months ago. Click here for FastCo's  list of all the things they’ve called “iconic” in breathy lazy magazine articles, including “Method’s soap bottle.”

SPACE Is there a giant UFO hiding in a moon crater? No, of course not. It would be cool if there was. It would be terrifying it it rose up and headed towards Earth. It would be dismaying if it powered up and left without telling us why it paid the Moon a visit but didn’t bother with Earth; people would drive themselves nuts with speculation. The Daily Mail, going in full “let us squander with haste our remaining atoms of credibility” mode, says “The triangular anomaly, spotted on Google's map of the moon, has rows of seven light-like dots along its edge that have been likened to an alien base or spaceship.” Does it now. Mystertious Universe clarifies.

VotD The description says “man avoids being crushed by seconds,” but they look like logs to me.

Just think: if he’d gotten out of bed 4 seconds later, he’d be dead. DISABLE YOUR SNOOZE BUTTONS.

ARCHITORTURE Great round-up of post-Soviet Russian buildings, shot by Frank Herfort. Some remarkably ghastly structures and a few cool ones. (via io9, which borrowed them all for a blog post: naughty.)