As Minnesotans, it's our duty -- if not our pleasure -- to occasionally make jokes about Iowa. But when someone else goes after our southern neighbor, we tend to get our dander up.

So forgive us for being a little peeved at "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah," which was understandably amused by being shut out earlier this week of Des Moines' Growth and Opportunity Event, sponsored by the Republican Party and featuring most of its presidential candidates. The Comedy Central staple properly lampooned Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann for banning the show because he was afraid it would make fun of the state.

Fair enough, but then correspondent Jordan Klepper went on air saying the "Daily" team would never stoop so low -- an intro to a string of low-blowing jokes about how the state was ridiculued in "The Music Man" and how we may need to invent a new type of diabetes' label for Iowa's deep-fry flour-eating citizens.

At one point, Klepper said he would never make fun of Iowa children who "grow up to have a better life in Indiana."

Before "The Daily Show" got too riled about the GOP ban, maybe the producers should remember that during coverage of the 2008 Republic National Convention in St. Paul, all "Daily Show" correspondents, including an apologetic John Oliver, were banned from talking to the press. (Comedy Central did eventually free up talent, but only after the show was done with its week of taping in the area).

Did the "Daily Show" go too far on Tuesday night's show? Decide for yourself:

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