Minnesota DFLers are kicking off events this week to galvanize voters 100 days out from the November election.

Next Sunday, Gov. Mark Dayton and Democratic U.S. Reps. Keith Ellison and Tim Walz, state House Speaker Paul Thissen, House Majority Leader Erin Murphy and a bunch of others will kick off rallies all across the state.

The DFL Party has almost 20 campaign offices open, and the next 100 days will be about getting DFL voters to turn out at the polls.

On July 27, 15 separate rallies will be held from Moorhead to Bemidji to St. Cloud to Minneapolis.

Traditionally, state voter turnout for a midterm election drags behind presidential-ticket years — something DFL leaders are worried about for Dayton and Sen. Al Franken’s re-election bids.

Allison Sherry