It's not quite Nancy Pelosi, but Democrats in Washington have their sights set squarely on Rep. Michele Bachmann's district.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced this morning that they have added Bachmann's DFL challenger Tarryl Clark to a "Red to Blue" list of candidates that they are supporting this fall.

Clark was previously featured on a DCCC list of 26 races "to watch" in 2010.

Making the "Red to Blue" list means the DCCC will be lending Clark's campaign a hand with fundraising, communications and building grassroots support. It will also likely add to the national interest in the race as it heats up this summer.

To what extent the race is actually "competitive" electorally remains to be seen. It is clear that it will take more than a DCCC list to oust Bachmann (two years ago the DCCC added Bachmann's 2008 challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg, to the same list).

Bachmann seems to relish the attention from Democrats. She has said for months that Nancy Pelosi is making her a "top target" to defeat this fall -- a fundraising talking point -- though Pelosi herself has said nothing to that effect.

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