So is today the day Brett Favre attempts to throw a football with his right arm?

That's what many will be curious to see when the Vikings begin their practice late this morning at Winter Park. A sprained right shoulder has stopped Favre from throwing the past two days and this will be the Vikings' last real practice before Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

Favre and coach Leslie Frazier had hoped earlier in the week that the quarterback would be able to throw on Thursday but that didn't happen. Favre said on Wednesday that he felt he would have a "pretty good grasp" by Friday on which way things were headed. He also said he could "absolutely" see ruling himself out on Friday.

However, Frazier and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell have both said they expect this decision to go until Sunday -- that is if anyone can get to Mall of America Field with this big old blizzard headed our way (why did no one get this excited about the weather when I was a kid in the '70s?) -- when Favre will do some early work to see if he can extend his NFL record starting streak to 298 regular-season games.


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