Gov. Mark Dayton said Tuesday that he is looking forward to cooperating with Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker but he still wants Wisconsin to pay the $59 million it owes.

"That's the legal agreement that's been reached -- plus interest," Dayton said.

Dayton and Walker are planning a call to discuss the debt owed since Dec. 1 because of a tax reciprocity agreement.

"I look forward to talking to Gov. Walker and I look forward to resolving this," Dayton said.

Walker's office said Tuesday morning that the two were scheduled to talk last Friday but Dayton canceled the call.

Katharine Tinucci, Dayton's spokeswoman, said that's not so. They were to talk Friday morning but Walker canceled and tried to reschedule for the afternoon when Dayton was not available.

In any case, the two offices are working to reschedule the call for sometime this week.

If Dayton took any umbrage to Walker posting "Open for Business" signs on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, he didn't show it.

"What Wisconsin does on Wisconsin property is totally within the purview of the responsible officials in Wisconsin," the Minnesota governor said.

Asked for his own border sign Dayton replied: "We're a great state for anyone to live in and do business and we've proven that in the past and we continue to prove it as we move ahead."

The laugher grew as the hypothetical sign's verbiage got longer, which Dayton acknowledged.

"I'd have to narrow that down. That's always been my problem," he said with a laugh.

Just to show there were no hard feelings over the signs and the debt, Dayton added before ending his media availability: "I will be rooting for the Packers on Sunday."

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