DFL Gov. Mark Dayton had an unexpected message for Democratic lawmakers: your spending plan is "excessive."

Dayton, who has not been loath to propose new state spending, told Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and House Speaker Paul Thissen by letter that they should save more and spend less.

"I would be willing to agree to a new spending total of $263 million. I understand how hard it is to limit the very important requests being made of us. Individually, almost every one of them has considerable merit. However, your spending target, totaling an additional $313 million, is excessive in my judgment," Dayton said.

The message from the governor may crimp lawmakers' plan to settle the session. Legislature face a May 19 deadline to get their work done and have yet to produce a tax bill, a budget bill and a list of borrowing bill that Dayton will sign.

Bakk and Thissen agreed late last week on budget targets. Since then House and Senate negotiators have been working on filling in details for which needs will be funded.

Read Dayton's letter below:

2014 05 05 GMD Budget Targets Letter by Rachel E. Stassen-Berger

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