Emerging Friday from a meeting with President Obama, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said it is “crucial” for Congress to pass major road and transit legislation to create jobs and improve the nation’s transportation infrastructure.
Dayton and 13 other Democratic governors said they focused on jobs during their hour-long meeting with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.
One topic that didn’t come up, Dayton said, was Republican Gov. Scott Walker, whose standoff with Wisconsin public employee unions has gripped the nation and much of the D.C. press corps staking out the governors’ meeting at the Old Executive Office Building, next to the West Wing.
Dayton noted, however, that Minnesota does not face the same challenges as Wisconsin. The benefit and contribution levels of public workers in Minnesota are already on a par with those proposed by Wisconsin Repubublicans.
Dayton, added that he’s “hopeful” that new state revenue forecasts expected Monday will reflect the state’s improving economy.
Dayton said Obama appeared to be in good spirits, but that his hair is graying.

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