Gov. Mark Dayton on Wednesday said he is establishing a Task Force on Mental Health that will come up with legislative proposals to improve Minnesota's system for delivering mental health coverage. 

"Too many Minnesotans are going far too long without accessing the mental health care they need," Dayton said. He and legislators present at a press conference said growing incidence of individuals suffering acute mental health problems have burdened local health and correctional institutions. 

The task force will be chaired by Emily Johnson Piper, the state commissioner of human services, and will include legislators from both parties and other government and law enforcement officials, mental health experts, and individuals with firsthand experience. 

Dayton's order establishing the task force says it "will recommend a comprehensive continuum of care for Minnesotans with mental illness, including new policies, legislative changes, and funding, as well as defining the roles of the various actors within Minnesota's mental health system, including the state, counties, hospitals, community mental health service providers, and others."

The group has been charged with meeting throughout this year and issuing recommendations by the end of the year that can be considered in the 2017-18 legislative session. 

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