Just when you think baby mama dramas couldn't become more tacky, KDWB-FM's Dave Ryan finds a way.

"If you will admit that you are the biggest ho for the fourth row," Ryan told listeners wanting... wait for it... free Justin Bieber tickets, "You call up and tell us how many different babies you have from how many different baby daddies.

"I think our goal today, our benchmark, is three. Three from three different dads."

Dave, who did not respond to several e-mails and a message left at his home with his wife, tried to give himself this bit of moral wiggle room:

"We've done this before. It's called 'Biggest Ho for the 4th Row.' Now, if you're a 13-year-old, you probably won't be able to play this one."

Nice try, dirty Dave, but the damage was already done to impressionable Bieber fans.

"Are you kidding me??" Dawn Napier e-mailed Ryan's boss, program director Rob Morris. "I am wondering what you are trying to teach my 11-year-old daughter who has been trying to win tickets to see a 16-year-old in concert? The more illegitimate children she has by different men the better??? This is terribly disappointing! DISAPPOINTING!!! My daughter and others her age should not be listening to your station!!!

"My hope in sending this e-mail is that you think about the disappointment that you caused all of the younger individuals out there who have been trying to win and could not participate in the contest because they/their parent does not have enough children by different men! What a joke ... and we wonder why our society is the way it is."

Morris, who replied to neither my e-mails nor my phone calls, responded to Napier: "I have spoken to the morning show and it is my belief that the contests going forward, as it relates to Justin Bieber tickets, will be more straightforward from a participatory level."

Because Morris' e-mail included no acknowledgement of the line crossed, Napier tried again: "...this type of terminology/language is not appropriate for an individual trying to win tickets to see a 16 year old in concert. The values that were rewarded in the contest yesterday were not those that the majority of our society supports as being values to instill in oneself. It is not right to publicly reward an individual for having the most children with different men as 101.3 KDWB did yesterday!!"

Noting that she doubted the contest was Morris' idea, Napier stated that she'd like an apology from Dave Ryan.

Good luck. That's never happened, but now Napier knows that Dave, whose last name is not Ryan, shouldn't be left alone with her teenager's ears.

With people from Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston to John Edwards and Angelina Jolie incapable of handling something as simple as birth control, the epidemic of baby mama dramas shows no sign of abating.

Bristol Palin now fully appreciates how much more difficult it is to accomplish your goals when you are a teenager saddled with child-rearing. Raising a child is tough enough when there are two people around. Life dishes everybody challenges, so we don't have to add extra stuff, like having babies out of wedlock, to make things difficult.

Dave's old enough to know that it's unconscionable to give teenage listeners the idea that out-of-wedlock pregnancies are a way to distinguish yourself. And he should familiarize himself with babymamadrama.com, which devotes itself to bringing awareness to "the negative effects to those involved, especially the children."

Partying with Serena

Viking Bryant McKinnie has received his invitation to Serena Williams' July 12 house party.

From the looks of the twitpix McKinnie posted on his Twitter page, the invitation appears leather-bound. Can't really do that with those tacky e-vites.

"Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing" are promised in the invite.

Wonder if the party animal has any table manners and proper dance moves?

The Williams affair should be lighter on the wallets of guests than that Miami Beach party McKinnie threw a couple of months ago.

The guy who pens "Luke's Gospel" on the Miami New Times website wrote: "The other night I was at Club Dream for a party put on by Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie, and valet attendants were charging $80 for VIP parking. Two weeks before, I went to Club Dream and the VIP parking was only $20. That sums up the mentality of Miami Beach business owners."

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