Dave Matthews said: "Love is the best thing there is, next to tacos" / Star Tribune photo by Jeff Wheeler

Finally, we got to see Dave Matthews Band outdoors in the Twin Cities. It was a treat on such a gorgeous night as we had Sunday at River’s Edge Music Festival at Harriet Island.

Honestly, I don’t think DMB plays differently outdoors from what I’ve experienced from their indoor shows. Fans dance more – because there’s more space. They also smoke more – because, duh, it’s allowed outdoors.

Although it was hyped as a three-hour set, Dave didn’t take the stage till 20-something after 7. Given the 10 p..m. curfew, DMB ended up playing about 2 hours 35 minutes.

Here is the set list from Harriet Island:
Seven/ Shake Me Like a Monkey/ Big Eyed Fish >Don’t Drink the Water/ Pantala Naga Pampa> Rapunzel/ Mercy/ Funny the Way It Is/ Crush/ Spaceman> Corn Bread/ So Damn Lucky/ The Song That Jane Likes/ Jimi Thing/ What Would You Say/ Time Bomb/ Two Step ENCORE Grey Street/ All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

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