The best defense is a good offense.  No, I’m not blogging about the Viking stadium, I’m talking about dandelions.  This

week we’re experiencing what beekeepers call the “dandy-bloom.”  That’s when you get your first big swoop of nectar and pollen – it helps shake the bees out from their winter slumber. 


To a beekeeper and those that like a sip of dandelion wine, this time of year is beautiful. But to many lawn keepers, it’s dig time.

All you need are a bucket, that hand tool with the fork on the end, a cushion to sit on and maybe a tall glass of water.  And time.  Because when you get that close to your lawn, you’ll probably find some violets in there, some chickweed maybe and if you’re VERY unlucky… creeping Charlie.

But don’t get discouraged.  Set small goals like that little patch in front of the deck.  Once the

weeds are out of there, the grass has a better chance for survival.  A little fertilizer early in the season and boom, you’re going to be wiggling your toes in turf.

What do you feel about dandelions?  Are they little yellow gems that dot your lawn with color?  Or are they the Snidely Whiplash to your Dudley Do-Right lawn?