Friday-Sunday: Choreographer Susana di Palma and Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre draw upon the poetry of Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral in "Locas Mujeres y Más/Mad Women and More," premiering this weekend. The Chilean writer's work explores the lives of women who struggle against a society that labels them as crazy as they face situations that are anything but sane. The program also features "Ida y Vuelta/Departure and Return," exploring the historic infusion of New World cultures (Cuba, Argentina, Colombia) into Spanish flamenco through the travels of merchant sailors. Di Palma's international cast includes dancers Colette Illarde, Deborah Elias, Antonio Granjero and Barbara Martinez; with live music. (8 p.m. Fri-Sat., 2 p.m. Sun., $30, The Cowles Center, 528 Hennepin Av.S., Mpls., 612-206-3600, www.thecowlescenter.org.)