Former Vikings teammates Cris Carter and Randy Moss have been exchanging long-distance unpleasantries today.

Carter appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning and was asked about Moss' chances of succeeding in his desire to return to the NFL. Carter's answer nailed it perfectly.

"The one thing you have to address with Randy Moss is not a conditioning thing," Carter said. "It's not an age thing. ... I believe it's the elephant in the room. It's that thing called quit.

"And Randy, not like any other superstar I've met, he has more quit in him than any of those other players. So I need to addresses that. That's what [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick did when he brought him over from Oakland. He told him he wasn't going to have it.

"But Randy, when things don't go well, like no other player I've ever been around or associated with, he has a quit mechanism in him that's huge. That needs to be addressed before he signs with any team."

Like it or not, that's Moss' dilemma. Apparently, Moss doesn't like it because he took to Twitter with this response:

"@criscarter80, its sad how u stroked ur own ego when u were suppose to b my mentor!then u wonder why karma bites u in the [expletive]! #goodlukwhof""


Carter didn't say anything out of line. While Moss is one of the greatest receivers of all-time, it's also undeniable that he has quit numerous times when the going gets too tough.   

Moss later tweeted: "Cc no matter I still luv u bruh,".


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