First of all, it's a good decision by the Vikings to change starting quarterbacks and take that first step toward joining the rest of a division that's set for years to come in the franchise-quarterback department.

However ...

To those who say, email, comment, etc. that "It can't get any worse with Ponder than it's been with Donovan McNabb," you might want to brace yourself.

It DEFINITELY can get worse. And chances are it will get worse before it gets better.

Although McNabb made virtually no big plays for the Vikings, he also made virtually no big plays for the opponent either.

McNabb threw two interceptions. That ties Rams QB Sam Bradford for fewest interceptions among players who have started all season.

So it's quite possible that in a few weeks there will be a group of fans arguing that "at least McNabb didn't throw interceptions!"

Again, it's a good move. But it's a good move for the future. As for the present season, well, try to remember it's a rookie quarterback who joined the league after a 4 1/2-month lockout. 

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