If nothing else comes of it -- and that's a distinct probability possibility -- Randy Moss' clamoring about wanting to come back to the NFL is making for some interesting viewing via Ustream.tv for attention-span-challenged football fans coming to grips with the fact that there are actually 18 looong days between the Super Bowl and the start of the scouting combine. (Hey, even Mel Kiper can't fill 18 whole days.)

Moss was a shell of his former self at age 33 while catching 28 passes as a mostly disinterested participant for the Patriots, Vikings and Titans in 2010. He retired after the 2010 season and wasn't heard from again until he turned to Ustream on Monday morning to announce his plans for a comeback.

Monday night, as Moss' 35th birthday was coming to a close, he returned to Ustream -- or what he's now calling "Moss TV" -- to stoke the comeback fire by saying, "I’m coming to tear somebody’s heads off, man.”

Moss also insisted he's fully committed to this comeback and that he still runs a 4.3 40-yard dash.

Moss also said he wants to play for a team that's "missing a piece here and there."

As for regrets, Randy, like Frank, said he's had a few: “I got regrets of how I left New England, I got regrets of how I left Minnesota, and I got regrets of how I retired.”

Moss said he'd "doubt" that he'd play for the Vikings again. It's good he feels that way because there is no interest in a SuperFreak III sequel at Winter Park. Moss also laughed when one of the viewers commenting warned him that Brad Childress, the coach he clashed with in Minnesota, was now offensive coordinator in Cleveland.

Moss said he'll return to Ustream, so consider yourself perched upon pins n needles. And don't worry. If "Moss TV" becomes a bore, there's still plenty to look forward to. Randy says he's saving all the behind-the-scenes details of his 2010 Minnesota meltdown for the book he plans to write.

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