This year at the Minnesota State Fair you will be able to enjoy some high quality beer options at the new Land of 10,000 Lakes Craft Beer Hall which will be hosted by the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild. The exhibit will be located in the Agriculture/Horticulture Building which is on the southeastern side of the fairgrounds. The hours will be from 9 AM to 9 PM daily beginning on Thursday, August 23 and going through Tuesday, September 3rd.
There will be some beer education on-site where you will learn about Minnesota beer and it’s history with special guests such as Chad Hilgenberg head brewer at Great Waters, and Doug Hoverson author of “Land of Amber Waters.” More than 20 different local breweries will be selling flights of their brews in the exhibit and there will even be a spot for the kids to hang out and enjoy some root beer. 
Do not miss this opportunity to meet some of the local brewers and check out all that Minnesota breweries have to offer.
Check out the schedule below taken directly from the Brewers Guild website:
Friday, August 24
  • 3:00pm : Malting 101 – Chris German, Brewer’s Supply Group
  • 6:00pm : Brewery Showcase – Surly Brewing Co.
Saturday, August 25
  • 12:00pm : Homebrewing Awards – *home brewers
  • 3:00pm : From Crops to Craft Beers – Professor Gary Meuhlbauer, U of M
  • 6:00pm : Brewery Showcase – Olvalde Farm and Brewing Co. | Brau Brothers Brewing Co. | Boom Island Brewing Co.
Sunday, August 26
  • 12:00pm : Beer History – Doug Hoverson, author of “Land of Amber Waters”
  • 3:00pm : Culinary Compliments – Andy Alander, Tycoon’s Alehouse | Paddy Whelan and Billy Morrisette, Muddy Waters
  • 6:00pm : Brewery Showcase – Fulton Beer | Excelsior Brewing Co. | Leech Lake Brewing Co.
Monday, August 27
  • 3:00pm : Beer Agriculture – Charlier Rohwer, PhD
  • 6:00pm : Beer Tourism – Dan Justesen, Vine Park Brewery
Tuesday, August 28
  • 3:00pm : Craft Beer 100 – Michael Agnew, A Perfect Pint, certified cicerone
  • 6:00pm : Beer Tourism – Dan Justesen, Vine Park Brewery
Wednesday, August 29
  • 3:00pm : Craft Beer 101 -Michael Agnew, A Perfect Pint, certified cicerone
  • 6:00pm : Art of the Cask – Matt Hall, Liftbridge Beer Co. | Chad Hilgenberg, Great Waters Brewing Co.
Thursday, August 30
  • 3:00pm : Brewery Showcase – August Schell’s Brewing Co.
  • 6:00pm : Malting 101: Why the Brewer Cares – Mark Ruark, Cargill
Friday, August 31
  • 3:00pm : Homebrew 101 – Jake Keeler, Northern Brewer
  • 6:00pm : Homebrew 101 – Jake Keeler, Northern Brewer
Saturday, September 1
  • 12:00pm : Brewery Showcase – Finnegans
  • 3:00pm : Brewery Showcase – Liftbridge Beer Co.
  • 6:00pm : Brotherly Brewing – Dave Hoops, Fitger’s Brewhouse | Mike Hoops, Town Hall Brewery
Sunday, September 2
  • 12:00pm : Brewery Showcase – Third Street Brewhouse/Cold Spring Brewing Co. | Flat Earth Brewing
  • 3:00pm : Starting in the 90s – Pete Rifakes, Town Hall Tap/TownHall Brewery
  • 6:00pm : Brewery Showcase – Lucid Brewing | Mankato Brewery



Photo courtesy of Andrew Schmitt

Photo courtesy of Andrew Schmitt


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