Coupon use has skyrocketed during the recession and the places to find them have multiplied. From the local newspaper to your mobile phone, discounts are everywhere, if you know where to look.

Here are five unexpected places to find coupons courtesy of and my two cents on each one:

  1. Bank statements. I have to say I haven't seen this personally because I don't receive paper statements anymore. Have you?
  2. Receipts. This is a common place to find coupons. Many are for businesses I would never use. But I've also found the most valuable gas coupons on the backs of grocery receipts.
  3. Ticket stubs. Discounts for drinks or food at nearby establishments are common. Check the floor for discarded stubs, but if they stick to the floor, I'd let the discount go.
  4. Social media. It can be a huge pain to jump through the hoops to receive these offers, and who really wants to see cutesy status updates about frozen pizza? But some of the highest-value coupons can be found on Facebook. If you're serious about netting a hot deal, however, you have to hurry: Word spreads quickly about these offers and demand often exceeds supply.
  5. Recycling bins. Seriously? I love to save money but I'm not about to dig through my neighbors' trash or recycling bins. I think the better strategy is to get the coupons before they hit the circular file. Ask if they'd mind saving any unwanted coupons for you instead.