Miranda Halverson awoke Tuesday with the anxiety of a 7-year-old who was late for school. Only, her mother told her, there was no school. St. Croix Central elementary in Roberts, Wisc., had just been shut down for the spring due to arson-related fire damage.

So Miranda thought about what else to do.

Could she round up her old books and donate them to the school library?

And thought again. Could she put on a sale, like her mother's recent craft sale?

"How about cookies?"

From there, Miranda's idea to help has grown into a bake sale that is receiving viral attention, and taking place Saturday, May 11, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. outside the Walmart in Hudson, Wisc. The sale to benefit the school will continue Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. if there are any baked goods left.

"She wants to raise $1,000 because, according to her, that’s what the school is going to need to fix everything," said her mother, Amanda Halverson.

A slight underestimate! A recent story on the arson noted that the school suffered about $1.5 million in damage, and that the students will finish the year at a nearby Girl Scout camp. But it probably underestimates the amount of support she is likely to receive as well.

TV and newspaper reports in the Twin Cities have spread word about the sale, and bagel stores and bakeries in western Wisconsin are pitching in to help.

"I'm terrified we're not going to have enough baked goods," Amanda said.

Mom has been doing a lot of the preparations this week -- while also working as a home-care provider -- while her daughter has stayed with her grandparents. Come next Friday, though, the whole family will be baking. Amanda plans to make brownies.

"(Miranda) and grandma are going to be making Rice Krispie treats, even though grandma doesn't know it yet," Amanda said. "I hate making Rice Krispie treats, but grandma does them pretty well. They never turn out right when I do them."

Miranda will also be in charge of marketing next Saturday, and will likely be roping in customers in front of her table.

"She'll be up front saying, 'do you want to get this? You should really get this,'" Amanda said. "She's my naturally born saleswoman."

Cool Things Kids Do is an occasional series on the extraordinary kids and teens in this community. Know of any kids doing amazing things, big or small? Email jeremy.olson@startribune.com.

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