Can’t decide whether you should enter our ninth-annual holiday cookie contest? Then follow the example of our 2010 grand prize winner, Scott Rohr of Minneapolis, who clearly enjoyed his brush with cookie-baking celebrity.

“It was super fun,” he said. “I got to meet great people, I got to bake cookies — which I love to do — and I got to taste other [and he laughed as he said this], lesser, cookies.”

Spoken like a true champion (and, yes, he's kidding). Rohr is referring to the baking demonstration at the Mill City Museum, where he shared the spotlight with the four 2010 finalists, who all baked awesome cookies for a curious and appreciative crowd (note to potential contestants: Our 2011 winner and finalists will participate in a similar delicious, open-to-the-public event on Dec. 3 at the museum).

Another benefit? Social media supremacy. “The contest also provided me with no small amount of Facebook fodder,” Rohr added. “I rode those cookies to all the fame and glory I could muster.”

If you’re thinking that you can’t possibly top Rohr’s Pistachio-Orange Cookies (pictured, above; find the easy-to-prepare recipe here), not to worry: He’s not entering again. “I’ve already won,” he said. “I think another five people should get a chance at the fun.”



Rohr (pictured, above) does offer a kernel of advice for those entering the competition. “The least fun part has been every single person that I know has asked, ‘Are you making the cookies for me?’” he said. “I hope you enjoy making the cookies that you submit to the contest, because if you win, you will be asked to make them. Everywhere. All the time.”

Not that he’s complaining. Well, not much, anyway. Once Christmas was over, Rohr placed a self-imposed moratorium on baking the nutty, citrus-flavored sandwich cookie. “I was done,” he said.

But they’ll be back in his holiday baking rotation again this year. “Along with the new winner,” said Rohr. “I always make the winner.”

For details on how to enter, go here. Hurry; the deadline is Oct. 14.

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