Many Minnesotans are doing the right thing for conservation, and tonight the Conservation Minnesota Voter Center is honoring a few of them. It’s another inoculation of good news against the seemingly intractable environmental problems we’re often hearing about.

One of the leaders the Center is honoring tonight is a citizen, Dann Siems of Bemidji.  He’s done remarkable work for all of us. He’s helped protect our native wild rice, educated the public on how to improve water quality, mentored ecology students, and devoted thousands of hours to boards and other volunteer work for our Great Outdoors.  He’s the latest in a long line of Minnesota conservation heroes.

The Center is also honoring Eureka Recycling of St. Paul and three state legislators, including retiring Republican State Senator Denny Frederickson.  Working across party lines, Denny is chief author of our Clean Water Legacy Act and instrumental in dedicating a portion of state lottery proceeds for the outdoors.  He has quietly accumulated a long list of accomplishments.

If you can see past the negative wall of politics that the media reports, you’ll find thoughtful and principled champions like Senator Frederickson.  You’ll find citizen heroes like Dann Siems.  And you’ll find the reasons for optimism about Minnesota’s future.

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