The good news is salaries and wages rose slightly  in counties across the nation in 2010 The sobering news is that most paychecks didn’t rise very far above inflation.

Total compensation rose just 2.2 percent “as net job losses partially offset compensation growth,” according to data released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Wage growth was just ahead of inflation’s 1.8 percent rate.
The biggest gains came from professional, scientific and technical jobs and in banking and insurance. Compensation rose in 2,480 counties and fell in 633. 

Santa Clara in California enjoyed a 9.8 percent jump in wages, while others such as San Mateo County saw wages plummet 4.3 percent.

Minnesota’s largest counties registered more moderate gains. Hennepin County saw total compensation rise 3.4 percent to $61.2 billion. On average workers saw 3.3 percent raises that brought their wages and salaries to $70,749.
Ramsey County compensation rose 2.6 percent to $21.5 billion in 2010. On average, workers took home 3.3 percent more in pay or $63,288.

Dakota County wages rose 1 percent to $10.163 billion or by an average 2.1 percent to $56,220 per job.
Such wages compared to the average $46,438 earned in El Paso County, Texas and the $116,047 earned in the county of New York.

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