Whistleblower heard back from "Company A," mentioned in an earlier blog post. The company had sent her an email inviting her to work at home making quality-assurance phone calls for a salary of $35,000. Whistleblower replied, expressing interest in the offer.

The email just received says this:


"Great lets get you hired.

"""Our company handles the quality control of both online and offline businesses. You`re job duties would require you to call into our customers call centers, to see if they are courteous, helpful and that the info they relayed to you was understandable.


"The job requires that you work at least eight hours a day, have good communication skills, be able to use a phone, write honest reviews and submit them to your supervisor.

"The job pays between 35k-45k plus performance bonuses.


"We are looking for people who are creative, loyal, like to make good money and have fun all day long.


"We do require you to take a test which is located at [Company A's website]  the tests have you calling a few of our customers call centers these tests will show you how your day to day duties are handled and to show us that you are able to do the job. You will need to set aside about a half hour to an hour to take the test so be near a computer and phone."

Whistleblower did a little homework and found the company's domain name is registered in Arizona, but the real location of the business is hidden.

The company advertises here and there on the web, claiming that it is a subsidiary of Robinson & Ernst Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SLH).

Robinson & Ernst does not come up independently in a web search. SLH is the stock exchange symbol for Solera Holdings, Inc., a "l

eading global provider of software and services for the automobile claims processing industry."

Whistleblower has a call in to Solera to verify Company A's claim.


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