Opens today: Nicolas Cage, wearing Tom Hanks' hair from "The Da Vinci Code," re-enters action star mode in "Bangkok Dangerous" (R for violence, language and some sexuality.) He plays a cold-blooded hit man visiting Asia to pull off four jobs, but we know he's conflicted about his work. Not only is Cage wearing his "I've got a migrane" face, his voiceover tells us "I'd like to meet someone but it's hard when you live out of a suitcase." Inevitably, he winds up falling in love with a local girl and bonding with his errand boy. Since the studio wouldn't preview it for review, we'll have to take the trailers at face value and assume that all the gunfire, motorcycle chases, disco scenes and explosions add up to a coherent story. Look for our review at startribune.com later today and in print soon.