Life will imitate art for one day inside the Guthrie Theater -- or at least explore the heavy topics being explored on stage.

Mayo Clinic experts will partner with a Guthrie production for an all-day seminar Jan. 26 that examines the impact of addiction on individuals and families.

The event is called Windows Into Hope: Stories of Addiction and Recovery. It includes a matinee performance of Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night." The semi-autobiographical play explores a day in the life of a family addicted to alcohol and morphine.

Among speakers will be actress Melissa Gilbert. The TV star of "Little House on the Prairie" has spoken frequently about her years of alcohol and drug addiction, disclosed in a 2009 autobiography.

Specialists from Mayo and other institutions will talk about substance abuse, suicide and new treatment strategies. A panel discussion, to include a question-and- answer segment, follows the play performance.

"The program will go into some depth, but it absolutely is intended for the general public as well as health care professionals," said Mayo spokesman Nick Hanson. Last year's seminar on depression at the Guthrie attracted about 500 people, including 200 professionals.

Information on local resources for people seeking help also will be available at the conference, Hanson said.