Walk into Thorne Bros Tackle Shop and it is like wandering into an art festival of sorts. Lures of all shapes, styles and sizes hang fron the shelves, walls and even the rafters. Throw color into the mix and and a thousand lure options turns into twenty thousand. Where do we start ?

Keeping things simple can be a good basic plan, picking out a proven bait in both a light or hot color and a dark or natural color is a good start.

Water clarity, cloud cover (or lack of) and time of day are all things to take into consideration before you clip a bait on and start throwing. I am going to chip away here on my color theories as time and energy allow. I suppose you could keep things really simple by just getting one Black/Black and one Chartrues Super Model or DCG and just alternate untill you catch fish but what fun would that be... and you would likely be missing out on a few opportunities as well.

stay tuned..........



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