Growing up as twin sisters, Kassi and Kelci Green almost always were dressed in purple and pink, respectively.

They've traded those colors for Anoka maroon and white. The Greens are a formidable pair of senior middle hitters for the Tornadoes' volleyball team.

"Their strength is their quickness and ability to hit the ball from anywhere on the net," Anoka coach Chris Fenwick wrote in an e-mail. "Because they are fast I always have a strong block at the net."

Anoka began this week having reached 20 victories for the season. The regular-season finale with a strong Blaine team took place Tuesday after this edition went to press.

Kassi and Kelci spoke to Star Tribune reporter David La Vaque about their volleyball roots, growing as players and their postseason prospects.

Q: Who entered the world first?

Kelci I am older by eight minutes.

Q Did you start playing volleyball separately or together?

Kelci We started playing together when we were 13 years old. We also played basketball and softball. But now Kassi just plays volleyball and I play volleyball and softball.

Q What were your first impressions of volleyball?

Kassi I loved it right away. I also loved basketball when I started at age 5 but I quit playing. I've stayed with volleyball.

Kelci It was something we started doing because we had friends that played but it grew on us.

Q Coach Fenwick said Kassi has been the better player until this year, when Kelci closed the gap.

Kassi She's gotten a lot more confident. It's been fun watching her play.

Kelci I always thought of her as better than me so I'm glad to be getting up to her level. I have more confidence now.

Q Fenwick also said you both have your own ''swings" that he has "stopped trying to change." Sounds like you have unorthodox ways of getting the job done.

Kassi I didn't know that. I thought I had a normal swing [laughs].

Kelci Kassi has a more traditional swing. She gets her arms straight out. My swing is unique because it's more compact.

Q Talk about what your 3-1 victory against Andover [on Oct. 9] did for your team.

Kelci Our confidence skyrocketed. We want to take that feeling into the Blaine match.

Kassi It definitely brought our confidence up. I think it was the last straw to figuring out we're pretty good and that we can go to state.

Q Both of you can get emotional on the court. What's the key to making sure that you use the energy in a positive way?

Kassi Our coach tells me that I'm the energy giver. When I'm off, everything is off. So I have to stay positive and encourage us to get the next ball.

Q Fenwick said you two bring a fun element to the team. He claims you can pretty much name whatever song he hums or only knows a few words to. Example?

Kassi The other day before school we were in his classroom and he said he got a song stuck in his head on the way to school. He hummed some of it and I got it. It was Domino by Jessie J.

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