Just a few Minnesota colleges and universities have hopped onto Google+ in the days following the launch of the network's brand pages.

Macalester College, in St. Paul, announced its page via Twitter on Tuesday. "We're new to Google+," Carleton College said in its first post, "so be patient with us while we explore the neighborhood. :)" With 52 followers, Augsburg College might have the beefiest page, so far.

The University of Minnesota? Nothing, yet. A search for the school does brings you to the page of the University of Minnesota Physicians, though. On Twitter, @nickrosencrans asked @UMNews: "Is there a plan for #umn on Google+ underway?"

(U students have been using Google+ as part of the suite of Google applications. The university, like many others, began outsourcing its email to Google in 2009. With their student email, U students also got access to a range of Google applications.)

Meanwhile, Mashable posted a gallery of 17 colleges and universities with Google+ pages, including the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

I'll admit to being in the same boat as Carleton. I'm still figuring out Google+. Feel free to leave me tips in the comments, as well as other colleges and universities you have spotted on the network.