Former Sen. Norm Coleman may have (apparently) opted not to challenge Michael Steele for the job of chairing the Republican National Committee, but he's not exactly acting like a shrinking violet.

In an essay published today at the Politico website, Coleman made the case for using the blunt instrument of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to balance the federal budget.

Coleman, chief executive officer of the conservative outfit the American Action Network, wrote: 

We need a balanced-budget amendment to our Constitution. We need laws that require a two-thirds supermajority to raise taxes, so that Congress and the president don’t use a balanced-budget amendment as an excuse to raise taxes. 

Washington won’t solve the debt problem. We, the people, can and must. 

We need the American people, through state legislatures across our nation, to demand that Congress pass a balanced-budget amendment — or get out of the way and allow 34 states to compel Congress to do what it won’t do on its own.

The whole thing can be read here. 





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