This cold snap and brutal weather at this time of the year has a silver lining within.  I'm excited about the prospects of a fall feeding frenzy.  Feeding and fattening up for a long winter is on the minds of most walleyes during the late fall.  Some of the biggest fish of the year can be caught at this time.  I love the fall because of the change in color on the trees, the cool days, and the absence of mosquitos. 

This is Lindy Rigging time with bigger chubs.  Watch your electronics carefully for marks just off the bottom near structure (points, humps, and saddles).  Work your rig slowly and lift up and hold the chub right in front of the fishes' mouth.  Try tail hooking your minnow.  This gets the minnow to struggle against your hook. 

I'm stoked about fall walleye fishing!

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