A couple of years when Pepsi and Coke raised their prices to about $3.50 for a 12 pack and $7 or more for a case, I vowed I wasn't going to take it anymore. I started drinking refigerated water and reconstituted lemonade instead. (That's me--always willing to fall on my sword for an important cause.)

But on those rare occasions where pop went on sale for $2.50 or less for a 12 pack, I went back to my Coke habit. 

This week, both Coke and Pepsi have hit new lows. Rainbow has a 12-pack of Coke varieties for $1.48 if you buy 5 and spend $25 or more (not counting the pop) No coupon is required.

Cub has a $2.50 coupon for Pepsi in its Sunday flier (available in Sunday's Strib or in Cub stores) , which brings the price down to $1.48 per 12-pack. Cub also requires a $25 purchase.

Target won't match either Cub or Rainbow's price unless you find a less-than-informed cashier because of  the minimum purchase and store coupon restrictions,  But Target's price on Pepsi is also a winner--Pepsi for $1.99 per 12-pack (limit of 8).

Plenty of good deals on groceries for the week prior to July 4th weekend. Stock up.