As Brad Childress walked off the practice field Saturday afternoon at Winter Park, I casually asked him what had happened to rookie wide receiver Aaron Rhea. 

Rhea, signed as an undrafted free agent out of Stephen F. Austin, was one of only three players from the 87-man active roster who was missing (not including Ray Edwards). I knew that Brett Favre was sitting at home in Mississippi thinking about his future and Adrian Peterson was enjoying a parade in his honor.

But where the heck was Aaron Rhea? I told Childress I realized that my question was simply to clear up an issue that would be considered minutaie by most. Childress sometimes will humor a reporter in these situations but this time he had no interest.

Considering Childress seems to consider talking about injuries to be on the same level as undergoing a root canal I  now know why he didn't answer the question. It turns out Rhea had undergone surgery on his wrist and that's why he missed the camp.

Today, he was one of six players placed on waivers by the Vikings and the only one of the six who received an injury settlement. Not sure many will care but at least I have my answer.

The only injury question left to be answered now is why linebacker Chad Greenway did not take part in the minicamp. Still trying to find the answer to that one.


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