A reader recently received some welcome news.
Craig Taylor, of New Brighton, was awarded a $59,675 payout from the Minnesota Client Security Board in June as compensation for money kept by his divorce attorney, Deno Walter Berndt.
Taylor had filed a complaint with the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility after Berndt received funds from the sale of Taylor’s house and failed to pass them on, Taylor said.
Berndt took “affirmative steps to conceal receipt of the funds,” according to a disciplinary petition by the Office.
Berndt also failed to respond to discovery requests and notify Taylor of a hearing, which led to a default divorce judgment, Taylor told Whistleblower.
Berndt was disbarred in March over his handling of Taylor’s case.
Once there, click on "Petition" to read the allegations that lead to the disbarment.

Click here to read more about the Minnesota Client Security board and who may file a claim.

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