So yeah, Christian Ponder is the No. 4 QB in the NFL according to this list on Grantland.

Wait for it ...

Wait for it ...

It's the list under the headline "Bad Quarterback League, 2013."

So, um, it's more like Ponder is the fourth-worst QB in the league.

Man, and it was looking so positive for a second.

The only QBs listed lower/higher depending on your perspective: the Buffalo trifecta of doom, the Oakland trifecta of doom, and Blaine Gabbert of Jacksonville.

Of Ponder, it is written:

When he announced his relationship with Samantha Steele Ponder, he had a pretty great sense of humor about it all. He seems like a good guy, and it would be nice if Adrian Peterson didn't play his entire prime with horrible quarterbacks. We don't want Ponder to be part of the BQBL. So maybe this is the year he turns the corner?

But … Nahhhhh, probably not.

Bonus bad quarterback points awarded here because the Vikings would actually be pretty great if they had a decent quarterback. Ponder is the only guy on this list who's actively sabotaging a playoff team.

This isn't news around here. It's review. Ponder will either turn a corner and be a top-15 QB (a real top 15) or he will drag the Vikings down with him this year.

The best news: We finally get to find out soon instead of just talking about it. Sounds like Ponder is ready to play and not talk as well.


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