Catching up on news from last week's NCAA convention, there was nothing too earth shattering, at least as far as the general public is concerned.

The potential rule change I wrote about last week -- allowing athletes to compete immediately after transferring if they have a 2.6 GPA or above -- is still in the discussion change.

NCAA president Mark Emmert wants to streamline the rule book, and the Division I Board of Directors took the first step, approving 25 new measures.

One eliminates the number of phone calls and other private communication -- text messages, social media messages, etc. -- that coaches can have with recruits. That takes effect Aug. 1, allowing for unlimited texts, etc.

“There was virtually no debate on it," Emmert is quoted as saying here to the Associated Press. "Everyone agreed that those rules need to be changed. That was probably the least controversial issue in this whole process."

The 25 new measures were Phase I of the NCAA's streamlining efforts, and now it's onto Phase II.

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