Gophers offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover met with the media after Sunday's practice and offered his assessment of quarterback Mitch Leidner. Some interesting stuff in here:

"He’s going to have his ups and downs," Limegrover said. "Things aren’t going to go right, and he’s going to learn from it. The crazy thing is you hear so much about Mitch, you think he’s a fifth-year senior, but he’s just a redshirt sophomore. Every day he’s still learning. But the guys have really taken to him."

And in what areas does Leidner need to improve?

"I think sometimes he’s still trying too hard," Limegrover said. "When you get to the point where he’s our guy, I think he wants to prove that that was the right decision each and every play. And what we’re trying to convince him is, throwing it out of bounds every once in a while, throwing it at someone’s feet, 2nd-and-10, or punting the football isn’t the worst thing in the world. Trying to do too much and putting our defense in a bind because you get a pick at midfield or something, that’s what we can’t do."

Limegrover added: "Coach Kill’s really changed. He’s usually real hard on quarterbacks, and he understands that’s what Mitch’s mindset is. So he’ll get on him whenever he’s pressing too much, but letting him make a few mistakes and learning as he goes there."

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