The short biography about me listed above this post notes that I'm "an observer of all things political", which is true.

But this wonderful opportunity to have a blog on the Star Tribune has pushed me to explore other topics covered by the largest newspaper in Minnesota.

Aside from politics, I'm also a huge fan of the Minnesota State Fair - especially the food. My excitement and appetite for the start of the fair (just 53 days away) went into overdrive after I read Rick Nelson's story on the new foods making their debut this year 

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the foods pictured and deliciously described in Nelson's story. I printed off a copy the story in color, to ensure the pictures of the food appeared in their full glory.

Sadly, my printer paper was not treated with microfragrance coating, so my attempts to scratch and sniff Nelson's story about "a roasted turkey leg...wrapped in a layer of bacon" (pictured top-left) to preview the flavor ended with frustration. I hope future advancements in paper technology will allow for restaurant and food reviews to be printed on scratch and sniff paper.  

My main target of the new fair foods is the Chocolate Dessert Salami (pictured top-right), which Nelson described as "Chocolate, butter, almonds and walnuts all blended and rolled into a salami shape... dusted with powdered sugar, then sliced and served on specialty crackers." Read his description again, you've earned it.

Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast (pictured bottom-right) and Jell-O Salad Ice Cream (pictured bottom-left) complete my list of foods to consume on the first day of the fair. To ensure I sample all of the foods listed in Nelson's story, it will require more than one trip to the fair. It is a responsibility I dutifully accept.   

To read more news about food, recipes, and restaurants, make sure to visit the Star Tribune's Table Talk blog. Your stomach will thank you. 

Picture source: Minnesota State Fair