Chiropractor disciplined for drinking and sex
A Redwood Falls chiropractor who was arrested in December for an “alcohol-related driving offense” and who engaged in a sexual relationship with a patient agreed to a two-year stayed suspension, course work and a fine of $500, according to an order last week by the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
Wayne E. Gudgel completed an alcohol-dependency program in 2008 but relapsed within one month. At about that time, he began the sexual relationship with a patient.
Gudgel "admits that his alcohol consumption causes him to make poor decisions, such as the sexual encounter with a patient and driving after consuming alcohol," according to the board's order.
Gudgel was told to submit to a chemical-dependency evaluation and follow recommendations. He must attend Alcoholics Anonymous or a similar program, take a course in professional boundaries and pass an ethics and boundaries class.

Read the board's order here.

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