Spot the glaring error:
The owner of the Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, is suing the producers of an "artistically inferior knockoff" Chipmunks tribute album on iTunes, and other digital stores.


Bagdasarian Prods. claims the Jerry Naylor Company distributed a digital album entitled "A Tribute to Alvin and the Chipmonks," that uses a nearly identical set of songs to past Chipmunks hits, including "The Chipmunk Song," "Funkytown" and "Mess Around."


The fact that the defendant spelled Chipmonks with an "o" and is re-recording past hits from Ray Charles and the Lips, among others, isn't enough to escape Bagdasarian attention. The plaintiffs claim the "knockoff"/tribute infringes its trademarks and is likely to confuse the public on its source of origin.

Ah, that easily confused public. The fury that might grip someone when they discover they’ve committed funds to ersatz Chipmunks. As for the error, who was “The Lips”? There’s the Flaming Lips, but I don’t think the ‘monks covered them. The writer probably meant “Lipps, Inc,” the name for the studio band masterminded by local boy Steve Greenberg, back when Minneapolis was a pop-music locus.


Can’t find the Chipmonks on iTunes; did find “A Piano Tribute to Alvin and the Chipmunks,” which includes “Funkytown,” but it’s all piano. Here’s the Chipmunk version.





Here’s the Amazon page for the song. Really, really bad cover art. (That’s the Alba font, if you’re desperate to attempt this level of craptitude on your own computer.)

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