Brad Childress has taken some well-deserved heat in recent days but can we all please calm down about the comment he made Sunday regarding Brett Favre after the Vikings' 27-24 overtime victory over Arizona.

Childress, whose job has been on shaky ground in recent days, was asked in his postgame news conference Sunday if he wanted assurances from owner Zygi Wilf that he would keep his job. "No, I'm not going to stand here like Brett Favre and tell you I need a hug," Childress said. "I'm all right."

Childress was making a reference to Favre's comment last week after he was asked if Childress showed compassion as a coach. Joked Favre: "Is he compassionate as in give us a hug or something? Boy, I sure could use one, too. But he hasn't given me one."

Childress' comment was picked up by a few outlets who felt he was taking a shot at Favre but in reality he seemed to be having fun with what Favre said and anyone who knows Childress knows this is simply his sense of humor. It just didn't seem to be that big of deal.

Nonetheless, Peter King of NBC's "Football Night in America" talked to Childress on Sunday night. King reported that Childress said, "Listen, I was joking."

If anything, the fact this is a story shows just how under the microscope Childress is going to be for the rest of this season when it comes to having anything to do with his players. And that will be especially true with Favre.

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