On Oct. 10, the killer bounded out of the woods and went on a rampage in Norm Berning's chicken coop. On Halloween, another attacker killed two chickens on the spot and dragged away at least three others. By then, Berning, 71, had had enough. His property near Rogers was under siege from canine visitors to the off-leash dog area at Crow-Hassan Park Reserve.

For three years, the Three Rivers Park District planned to fence in its dog park, but because the area is in a floodplain, the fence project is tied up in federal red tape. Wandering dogs didn't bother Berning, though, until he got a flock of chickens this year.

"Roosters crow, you know, and that attracts the dogs," Berning said. The encounters were gruesome.

Berning complained to the park district. He called the cops. He called Whistleblower.

On Friday, workers from the Three Rivers Park District, with Berning's help, put up about 500 feet of wire fence along his property, associate superintendent Tom McDowell said.

"I think the chickens are safe," McDowell said.